Hair Care Tips for Women Who Wear Hijab

Did you notice an increase in hair fall and headache when you started covering your hair with a scarf for longer periods of time? I did! Working full time means my hair is covered for 8 or 9 hours each day. Besides the hair fall I noticed frequent headaches. I learned later that it’s because of how I tie my hair and wrap my hijab. I’ve been doing it wrong! Let me share some hair care tips for women who wear hijab. These worked for me and would, inshaa’Allah, work for you, too.

Dry your hair first. 

We all know that we shouldn’t tie our hair when it’s wet. But do we actually always dry our hair being tying it up? I’m guilty of quickly tying my hair in a bun when I’m in a rush, but I’m trying to break this habit now. Wet hair is prone to breaking. It is worse for hijabis because our hair doesn’t get to naturally dry and stays tied up for hours. Also, tying up wet hair and then wearing the hijab leaves the hair flat and limp. Always allow your hair to dry naturally. Use a blow-dryer sparingly.

Don’t tie your hair tightly.

Most of us are guilty of this! We tie our hair tightly hoping it won’t unravel under our scarves when we’re out and about. However it’s best to tie our hair a little looser so as not to strain the roots of our hair from constantly being pulled back. Wear an under-cap. This would not only keep your scarf in place but will also relieve pressure from your tied-up hair.

Also, always try to change the way your part your hair from time to time. This will prevent your hairline from thinning and falling.

Let your hair down.

When at home let your hair loose and sit under the sun. Open up your hair, take out the hair tie, and run your fingers through the hair and gently massage scalp to get some circulation going.

Give you hair a weekly treat.

Use hair mask, hair conditioner, hair serums, and oils. To avoid flat and limp hair when removing your head scarf, use some dry shampoo to add volume to the roots, or use sea salt spray.

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Don’t wash your hair everyday.

Fortunately for us hijabis, our scarves protect our hair from the damaging UV rays as well as various environmental pollutants so that we don’t need to wash/shampoo our hair on a daily basis. And since nobody knows your hair better than you, use your best judgment when it comes to how often your hair needs to be washed.

Wash under-caps regularly.

Our hair releases oil and dead cells which sticks to the under-cap. Make it a habit to regularly wash your under-caps since these are in direct contact with the hair for several hours each day. Wear under-caps made of breathable material, such as cotton.

Wear the right type of scarf. 

I am very particular when choosing the fabric type for my under-cap and scarves. I only wear cotton under-cap. For scarves I prefer (and would highly recommend) breathable fabrics such as cotton, chiffon or silk. Not only are these fabrics light, they also will not make your head feel heavy or suffocated. Fabrics that I like to avoid are heavy pashminas and nylon.

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I hope these hair care tips for women who wear hijab would help you as much as it do for me. Let me know if there’s something else that works for you! I would love to hear from you.

Love & duas,





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  2. Jay says:

    I like that tip about wearing an under cap made of cotton. I have never thought about having something of a breathable material like you suggested. I can see how that would also be important to clean.

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