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“I love luxury. And luxury lies not in richness and ornateness but in the absence of vulgarity. I stay in the game to fight it.” 
― Coco Chanel

Thank you so much for visiting! Have you browsed the shop yet? Do you like what you see? We are hoping that you do. Let us tell you what an Asateer Scarves experience is like.

Asateer Scarves is an online boutique for premium scarves. We launched on October 10, 2017. It is a family-run business that focuses on creating scarves with fabrics that we have carefully chosen ourselves. Scarves that we’d love to wear ourselves. We have the modern Muslimah in mind when creating the scarves: smart, kind, creative, confident and comfortable in all aspects of her being, free and adventurous. A woman who is proud of her faith, loves traveling, takes care of those she loves, and excels in her career.

I have always wanted to create a line of designer scarves, but it was only in March this year that we started actual work on making our dream of Asateer Scarves come true. You see, having always worked full-time, what we wear in the workplace is important to us, and this includes the scarves! The idea of having premium-quality scarves for the busy city girls is the drive behind this brand.

Each Asateer Scarves experience is a personal one. It starts the moment you find us and reach out to us.

We like to remember each person who purchases with us and build relationships that lasts. Your Asateer Scarves experience includes us guiding you from the moment you reach out to us to make your purchase, help you make a decision, just like your own personal shopper who will craft a special shopping experience for you.

Fabrics are carefully chosen. Scarves are cut, stitched, tested, and labeled ourselves. We do not mass produce or import ready-made scarves. We create our own so that you get unique pieces.

Each scarf is carefully chosen and created. This is why they come in a limited number of pieces, and we really don’t mind. We are here to try and make the best scarves we can, not the most scarves we can.

Once you select and purchase the scarves, we carefully iron-out any creases, fold and pack them in special custom-made Asateer Scarves boxes. We like to insert a little “Thank You” note, and seal in a hint of fragrance. We then tie the box with a white ribbon. Finally, we send your scarves off for shipping with lots of love and duas.

The special packaging and the option to add a personalised note make Asateer Scarves ideal gifts, too! 

Asateer Scarves make beautiful and useful gifts not just for women you care about, but also for YOU. Either as professional women building our careers or as homemakers managing our households, we are working hard. And we deserve pampering and love in return!

You give back to the community each time you purchase your Asateer scarf.

With each purchase of Asateer scarf, we donate a percentage to Nusratul-Masakeen, a charity organisation based in Hyderabad and Mangalore. This is a charity that our family has been involved in for years now, so we personally know the hardworking the passionate folks running it, and also about the work that they do. We trust them.

This organisation was set up in 2012 and is registered under the Societies’ Registration Act of 1860. Its primary focus is to improve the quality of life of destitute elders primarily in the rural areas through its welfare projects by providing free rations, Ramzan Kit, free medicines and consultations. They have also helped several poor families to arrange weddings for their daughters, as well as provide Scholarship Programs for their children. Through these Scholarship Programs, Nusratul Masakeen aims to help provide education to the children so that they have the power to become gainfully employed and eventually support themselves and their loved ones without any further help from any agency.

We believe in honest and ethical approach to the way we conduct business, and also in giving back to society. And we’d like you to be a part of this, too. So each time you purchase a scarf, you’re helping someone else improve their life and gain sawaab, in shaa Allah.

Did we tell you that we have a hassle-free return policy? We really want you to be happy with your purchase and enjoy your day!

Are you ready for your Asateer Scarves experience? Step into our online boutique today.


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